Introducing BUJA

René Burjack lives and works in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Karlsruhe, Germany. The works of Buja reach from the use of sensational media / the yellow press over world politics to pop culture and street art. In his works, figures are taken from their contexts, are being dissembled and put together again – thereby creating new combinations and arrangements. His large-format and often provoking works allude to the works of Michel Majerus, Sigmar Polke and Blek Le Rat.

What we love about BUJA

A grungy Frida Kahlo taking a puff or the Virgin Mary kneeling to take a selfie in front of a doily-inspired backdrop. Buja is unapologetic about his manipulation of revered personalities from the public domain. Borrowing from graffiti styles, Buja has an almost brazen approach to mixing stencils, cut-outs and oils.

Artist Bio

Group Exhibitions

  1. 2017
  2. Sinn und Sinnlichkeit, Galerie m beck, Homburg, Germany
  3. EXIT PARADISE, Galerie Art & Antik, Stuttgart, Germany
  4. 2016
  5. Edition V, LDX Artodrome Gallery Berlin, Germany
  6. Just in case, Breidenbach Studios, Heidelberg, Germany

Art Fairs

  1. 2016 Artspot Miami with Gallery 21 from Wiesbaden, Germany
  2. 2016 Kunstdirekt Mainz, Germany
  3. 2016 Art Breidenbach, Mainz, Germany


  1. BUJA „schwarz zu blau“ (black to blue) catalogue



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