Carla Gabrí

Introducing Carla

Born and raised in a small mountain village in Graubünden, Switzerland, Carla Gabrí developed already as a child a strong fascination for minimalistic, geometric art, the color black and the depiction of moving bodies. With her self-taught approach to painting – based on the use of acrylics, spatulas and coffee – she creates unique portraits of women sans visage that explore the interconnection of vision and illusion and identity and projection.

What we love about Carla

The female form is seen from a different vantage point in Carla’s acrylic pieces. Her figures hint at an intense sensuality like Rorschach tests on stretched canvas. Her brushwork is detailed and skilled, but through her manipulation of a palette knife, she’s able to layer dense acrylics to reveal a compelling impressionistic style. Pieces like “Akt IV” and “A Thought” reflect hues and forms reminiscent of Japanese techniques from long ago.

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibitions

  1. 2017 Carla Gabrí – Sans Visage, Ustria Dalla Staziun, Sumvitg, Switzerland


  1. 2016 Director of the theater play “L’Odysée des Blaufransen”, Companie Ausartung, in Chur/Grüsch/Luzein, Switzerland
  2. 2015 Director of the music video “Torp – The Wild”
  3. 2015 Director of the music video “Myself When Young – Celestina”
  4. 2014 Director of the shortfilm “Les Deux”
  5. 2014 Director of the music video “Myself When Young – I Wish I Was”
  6. 2014 Director of the photography series “Artisti a Rom”, Origen Festival Cultural, Rom
  7. 2012 Director and writer of the theater play “Dr Hoorig Spatz vum Campingplatz”, Theater Zizers


  1. Master’s Degree in Film Studies and German Literature  at the University of Zurich with a master’s thesis on William Kentridge’s animated charcoal drawings
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in German Language and Literature, Film Studies, English Language and Literature at the University of Zurich



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