Carolina Mizrahi

Introducing Carolina

Mizrahi was born in 1982, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and lives and works in London, United Kingdom. With a background in Fashion Design, the artist holds a master in Fashion Business Management. In 2013, Carolina graduated with a BA in Fashion Photography and Styling from UAL.  Among her collectors and clients are Vogue Italy, Vogue Portugal, Vogue Brazil, Elle UK, Pandora, Time Out Magazine and the University of the Arts, London.

What we love about Carolina

If color were a language, Mizrahi would have prismatic fluency. Intensely monochromatic at first, her photographs speak in varied and unusual colors  — muted and opaque, natural and strikingly imaginative. A head of cabbage thickly blanketed in white, cut at just the right angle to reveal veined flesh contrasting in shocking purples and magentas. Her eye captures a world of mind-bending juxtaposition, where fantasy is elaborately staged with pedestals, fruit, and jewels as if she’s channeling Kalf and the Dutch masters. Sometimes featuring a chubby caterpillar or exotic fruit, each image uncovers an unexpected treasure bursting with natural symbolism.

Artist Bio


  1. 2017 The Artificial Now, Daniel Raphael Art Gallery, London, UK
  2. 2017 Solo Exhibition, Ruby Room, The Other Art Fair, London
  3. 2017 Solo Exhibition Carolina Mizrahi: Eden @ Studio 7, London, UK
  4. 2017 Group Exhibition, The Devil Inside Me, The Public House of Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. 2016 Arusha Gallery, “Second Self: Carolina Mizrahi & Juno Calypso”, Edinburgh, Scotland
  6. 2015 ASC Bond House Gallery, London, UK
  7. 2015 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
  8. 2014 Future Map, Space Gallery, London, UK
  9. 2013 London College of Fashion, BA Design Media & Communications: Graduate Exhibition, London Newcastle Project Space, London, UK
  10. 2013 University of Arts London Archive Acquisition “In Betweenness”, London, UK

Selected Press & Interviews

  1. 2017 Interview Metal Magazine
  2. 2017 Refinary 29
  3. 2017 The Public House of Art
  4. 2016 Interview Plastik Magazine
  5. 2016 Interview Elle UK
  6. 2016 Wallpaper Magazine
  7. 2016 Time Out Magazine
  8. 2016 Financial Times
  9. 2016 Interview The Vanderbild
  10. 2016 Interview After Nyne Magazine
  11. 2015 Fahrenheit Magazine
  12. 2015 The White Line Projects
  13. 2015 The Plus Paper
  14. 2015 Fubiz


  1. 2017 Camberwell College of Arts
  2. 2016 London College of Fashion, London
  3. 2015 London College of Fashion, London



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