Florencia Magallanes

Introducing Florencia

Florencia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied at Escuela Municipal de Artes Visuales de Lomas de Zamora graduating with the title of Professor in Visual Arts. Her works are characterized by the expressive use of color and texture. Now she lives in London where she continues her training and remains devoted fully to her work.

What we love about Florencia

Using a digital tablet to reinvent visual images, Florencia gives traditional portraiture a virtual facelift. Overlapping images found in nature, textures and textiles, her provocative collages, like “Hielo” or “Wall”, give these portraits fascinating depth and perspective. The casual sensuality between women in “Tea Party” is representative of her mastery of this transformative technology.

Artist Bio

Group Exhibitions

  1. 2016 “Sublima Eros III”, Espacio Sublima, Sevilla, Spain
  2. 2014 “Artefilosolidario” Murals for CDI Community Amaicha del Valle, Tucuman, Argentina
  3. 2014 “Displacements”, Council of Economic Sciences, Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  4. 2013 “MACMA (Movement helps breast cancer) International Day of Fight against Breast Cancer”, Municipal Historical Museum “La Cucaracha” Adrogué, Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Solo Exhibitions

  1. 2016 Erótica, Los Placeres de Lola, Madrid, Spain
  2. 2016 Erótica…shh…..tu juguertería Erótica, Málaga, Spain
  3. 2016 Erótica, erótica y erótica, Flux Bar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Gabriela Escalada


  1. 2016 Marvin, Digital Magazine, Mexico
  2. 2016 Esposición “Erótica, erótica, erótica” Universa Epigrafe Blog, Argentina
  3. 2016 TLM Artist September “The Lighting Mind” Online Magazine, Spain
  4. 2016 “Parejas anónimas, Revista Online Möndan, Spain
  5. 2016 “Erótica” Dusty Mag, Online Magazine, Argentina
  6. 2014 Artcover Single “Sweet Dreams Pib” Luke Neck
  7. 2014 Artcover Single “Beethovits” Luke Neck
  8. 2014 Artcover álbum “Microbits” Luke Neck


  1. 2014 Professor of Painting, Municipal Institute of Visual Arts, Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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