Jake Oliver-Fishman

Introducing Jake

I have a fascination for materials and their potential to be manipulated and utilised in ways drastically different to their intended use. While there is initially some idea of what form a work will take, the final outcome is often radically different to what was originally conceived. This keeps the making of work an experience of exploration and discovery, which increasingly feeds my desire to create. In the process of realising what I make, there is always an element of chance. This leaves the potential for something spectacular to happen, or for a work to be entirely ruined right up to the point of its completion. The experience of seeing how people interact with what is made, greatly influences the development of ideas and new work.

What we love about Jake

The enigmatic wonder of Jake’s remarkable work is all in his process. Using black ink, white pigments and carrier liquids, he creates a molecular reaction on glass. This mysterious technique is the result of multiple steps including adjusting the height of the glass, layering colors and controlled changes in temperature. The fluid nature of his process and the crisp tonal hues he creates are masterfully revealed in “Sunday” and “Inside”. Seeing is believing!


Artist Bio


  1. 2016 The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London
  2. 2015 Haptic Interface, Designing Experiance. Hong Kong
  3. 2014 Parallax Art Fair, London
  4. 2014 The Other Art Fair, Old Truman Brewary, London
  5. 2014 The Affordable Art Fair, Mint Gallery, London
  6. 2014 The Affordable Art Fair, Mint Gallery, Bristol
  7. 2013 Back in Black, Cultivate Gallery, London
  8. 2012 The Other Art Fair, Ambika P3, London
  9. 2012 A Road Less Travelled, House Gallery, London
  10. 2011 The Unheimlich, Centre Space Gallery, Bristol
  11. 2010 BRS, Centre Space Gallery, Bristol
  12. 2009 Resonance Stand, Frieze Art Fair, London
  13. 2009 Spike Island, Bristol
  14. 2009 Jake-OF Solo Show, Austin Gallery, London
  15. 2009 The Situation Modern, Duck Art Gallery, London
  16. 2009 On CDO’s and Double Clubs, August Gallery, London
  17. 2008 Situation Modern, Duck Art Gallery, Arch 365, London
  18. 2006 You Are Here, Queens Wood, London



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