Marcela Garcia Marchant

Introducing Marcela

Marcela Garcia Marchant, born July 5th, 1984 in La Serena, Chile, studied Licenciatura en Artes Visuales at the university of Playa Ancha in Valparaiso from 2003 to 2007. In 2010, she started her Masters degree in painting under Prof. Jutta Köther at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg graduating in February 2013. She now lives in Mannheim, working in Heidelberg.

What we love about Marcela

Marcela’s work centers on mythology and symbolism. In her collage as well as oil paintings, her vibrant human-animal creatures come to life. In “Quimera”, you’ll find that Marcela creates layers and depth that give her work a ghostly ethereal quality. Feathers where shoulder bones should be or hoofed legs jutting from feminine hips. Her work will make you wonder if these Latin creatures might leap off the canvas.

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibitions

  1. 2017 – Schimäre, Peer23, Mannheim, Germany
  2. 2016 – Kiltrospektive, Humboldt Galerie, Viernheim, Germany
  3. 2014 – LaHybridisierung, Breidenbach Studios, Heidelberg, Germany

Group Expositions

  1. 2017- EXIT PARADISE, Galerie Art & Antik, Stuttgart, Germany
  2. 2016- Just in case, Breidenbach Studios, Heidelberg, Germany


  1. 2003-2007 Licenciada en Artes Visuales“ an der Universität Playa Ancha, Valparaiso, Chile
  2. 2010-2013 Master of Fine Arts, Hochschule für Bildende Künste (painting) under Prof. Jutta Köther, Hamburg, Germany



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