Marcelo Suaznabar

Introducing Marcelo

As a Bolivian artist, Marcelo experienced a colourful, cross-pollinated version of Christianity, filled with miracles like the Virgin of Candelaria. It is poignant for Marcelo now to use the Biblical theme of the Apocalypse as a foil to express concern about the environment. Phantasmagorical creatures line these limits between Earth, Heaven and Hell, exhorting redemption or providing temptation.

What we love about Marcelo

Marcelo’s precise brush strokes yield surreal and mystical creatures which leave you hoping they might come alive. The color combinations and seemingly whimsical characters Marcelo composes reflect his preoccupation with mysticism and religious themes of his homeland in Bolivia. Nature, animals, foreboding and time all intertwined in this primarily self-taught artist’s thought-provoking drawings and paintings. Fall into a modern looking glass when you see his canvases.

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibitions

  1. 2016 “Negociando con el Tiempo”, Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia
  2. 2016 “Negociando con el Tiempo”, Pedagógico y Cultural, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  3. 2016 “Negociando con el Tiempo”, Centro Simón I Patiño, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  4. 2015 Edel Gallery, Osaka, Japan
  5. 2014 “Beyond appearance”, Articksok Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  6. 2012 “Between Dreams”, Strata Gallery, Elora, Canada
  7. 2012 “Dreams and Temptations”, Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Canada
  8. 2011 Recent Work INDEX, G Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  9. 2011 “Mensajes del Tiempo”, Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora, Canada
  10. 2011 Solo show of  large pieces, Spence Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  11. 2010 “Visions of the Apocalypse”, Museum of Art Ex Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara, Mexico
  12. 2010 “Visions of the Apocalypse”, Museum of Art of the Leon, Leon, Mexico
  13. 2009 Recent Work, Nota Art Gallery, La Paz, Bolivia
  14. 2009 Magical and Surreal Art, Spence Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  15. 2009 “The Last Four Seasons”, INDEXG Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  16. 2008 Andean renaissance in the midst of the XXI Century, Metropolitan  Museum of  Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
  17. 2008 Magical  Altiplano, Spence Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  18. 2007 An Andean renaissance man in the midst of the XXI Century, St. Ambroise Art Gallery, Montreal, Canada

Group Exhibitions

  1. 2016 The Artist Project Toronto, Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Canada
  2. 2016 Art Wynwood, International Art Fair, Miami, USA
  3. 2016 Art Palm Beach, International Contemporary Art Fair, Palm Beach, USA
  4. 2015 Aqua Art Fair. International Art Fair, Miami,USA
  5. 2015 Art San Diego, International Art Fair, San Diego,USA
  6. 2015 Affordable Art Fair New York, New York,USA
  7. 2015 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Hampstead, London, UK
  8. 2015 Scope Basel International Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
  9. 2015 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  10. 2015 The Artist Project Toronto, Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Canada
  11. 2015 Ispirazione Divino, Articsok Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  12. 2014 Scope Art Fair, International Contemporary Art Show, Miami, USA
  13. 2014 Spectrum, International Art Fair, Miami, USA
  14. 2014 Juannio Exhibition and Auction, National Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala City, Guatemala
  15. 2014 Art Love, Affordable Art Fair Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  16. 2014 International Art Club Alpino Chipinque, ArtDealers Galeria, Monterrey, Mexico
  17. 2013 Surrealism for the 21st Century Group Show, Articsók Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  18. 2013 Daegu Art Fair, International Art Fair Exco-Daegu, Korea
  19. 2013 Art Toronto, Toronto International Art Fair, Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada
  20. 2013 Houston Fine Art Fair, George R. Brown Convention Centre, Houston, USA
  21. 2013 “Just a dream”, Earls Court Gallery, Hamilton, Canada
  22. 2013 Artshow Busan, International Art Fair, Busan, South Korea

Public Collections

  • National Museum of Art, La Paz, Bolivia
  • Center of Art Baie Saint Paul, Quebec, Canada
  • Ralli Contemporary Museum of Art, Punta del Este, Uruguay
  • Ralli Contemporary Museum of Art, Santiago, Chile
  • Sayego & Payon Collection, Miami, USA
  • Various private collections worldwide


  • Negociando con el Tiempo.  Marcelo Suaznabar Text by Jose Bedoya. Museo Nacional de Arte, Hard Cover Spanish, 32 pages, La Paz- Bolivia 2016
  • Marcelo Suaznabar:  Pinturas/ Paintings 1994 – 2010.  Alicia Szmukler, Español / Ingles. 136 Pg. Editado por Artdealers Galeria, Monterrey – México, Publicado en Canadá, 2010
  • Enciclopédia Iberoamericana de Artistas Plásticos Contemporáneos: NAPSA QCC Art Gallery Queenborough Community Collage – The City University of New York, New York, USA, 2004
  • Arte Una expresión Latina Contemporánea: Casa & Estilo, Miami, USA, 2001
  • Identidades Artistas  de América y el Caribe:  Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Paris, Beaux Arts Magazine, 1999
  • Catálogo General II Bienal de Artes Visulaes del Mercosur, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1999


  1. 2016 Distinction Procer Pedro Domingo Murillo in the degree of Civic Honor Given by the Honorable Municipal Council of the City of La Paz Honorable Council City Hall, La Paz, Bolivia
  2. 2011 3rd Price Lemon Competition, The Artist Project Toronto, Toronto – Canada
  3. 2011 Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition assistance, Ontario, Canada
  4. 2010 2nd Price Queen Competition, The Artist Project Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  5. 2009 Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition assistance, Ontario, Canada
  6. 2008 Ontario Arts, Council, Visual Artist Mid-Career Grand, Ontario, Canada
  7. 2002 Best in Drawing Art FOCUS, Toronto Metro Hall, Toronto, Canada
  8. 1999 Special mention given by the National Museum of Art in the international contest SIART 99, La Paz, Bolivia
  9. 1996 First Medal Artist given by DIDEJU, Oruro, Bolivia
  10. 1996 Honory Diploma given by Center for Extramural Studies,  Catholic University, Santiago – Chile
  11. 1996 Honorary Diploma awarded by Government of Bolivia, La Paz, Bolivia



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