Marija Radovanovic

Introducing Marija

Recently graduated from the MFA program at the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, Marija Radovanovic has been dedicating her focus to the human body, specifically the interaction between the body in its biological state and its social context.

What we love about Marija

Amorphic bodies subtly brought to life through muted tones and broad contours. Marija’s work is captivating in its ability to draw the viewer in, where they linger and more closely explore every day situations and interactions. We love how her generous application of color and sweeping brush strokes are the manifestation of her understanding of the phenomena of human relationships. Simple yet detailed, her paintings will have you wishing for a studio visit.

Artist Bio

Group Exhibitions

  1. 2016 – Students exhibition of drawings and small sculptures, Dom omladine, Belgrade
  2. 2016 – Annual student exhibition, University of Fine Arts, Belgrade
  3. 2015 – Annual student exhibition, University of Fine Arts, Belgrade
  4. 2015 – Exhibition “Body” Kombank Art Hol, Belgrade
  5. 2015 – Collective exhibition, DKSG, Belgrade
  6. 2014 – Annual student exhibition of University of Applied Arts, Belgrade
  7. 2014 – Annual student exhibition of University of Applied Arts, Belgrade


  1. 2016 – MFA, University of Fine Arts, Belgrade
  2. 2014 – Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Applied Arts, Belgrade



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