Ralf Wohlleben

Introducing Ralf

Ralf Wohlleben works in Frankfurt as an independent artist. Ralf’s works are a reflection of his commitment to minimalism and abstract themes. His background in architecture, both as a student and freelancer for various architectural offices, manifests itself in his experimental use of wood, concrete and steel. Ralf has been creating paintings, sculptures and furniture since 1998 and has been a member of the Frankfurt BBK (professional association for fine arts) since 2013.

What we love about Ralf

Bold and unapologetic are just two words to describe Ralf and the way he approaches his craft. Using concrete and wood he creates complex layers that somehow have a metallic quality — his “P” series is not unlike an oxidization process halted before your eyes. Abstract and understated, these large acrylics bring to life concepts he’s immortalized with technique and chance.

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibitions

  1. 2016 – Warm Up II, Flinsch 8, Frankfurt, Germany
  2. 2014 – Warm Up, Altes Drahtwerk, Hanau, Germany
  3. 2013 – Chicago, Fondshaus, Munich, Germany
  4. 2009 – Anglühen, Hirsch-Apotheke, Hanau, Germany

Group Exhibitions

  1. 2016 – Annual exhibition of the BBK, Paulskirche, Frankfurt, Germany
  2. 2015 – 6. Herbstsalon, Kunstverein Artlantis, Bad Homburg, Germany
  3. 2014 – Die Neuen, BBK Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
  4. 2010 – Kreative Differenzen, Flinsch 8, Frankfurt, Germany
  5. 1998 – Kontraste, BTZ Würzburg, Germany

Private Collections


  1. 2008 Diplom-Ingenieur (FH), Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany



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