Sylwia Synak

Introducing Sylwia

Sylwia Synak was born in Gdynia in Poland and has been living in Munich since 2000. Her varied arts education underscores that she has mastered her craft in every respect. Following various professional experiences as a graphic designer and muralist, Sylwia decided to make her passion into her profession and has exclusively focused on painting since 2015. She has since received various offers to exhibit in London, Zurich, Berlin, Munich and NY.

What we love about Sylwia

The ethereal style that Sylwia has developed comes from the abstract approach that she brings to the canvas. Layering hues as well as textures, her work reflects an inner peace in vivid plays of light and color. Meticulously-mixed pigments yield precisely the right shade of her intense colors. Once you’ve seen “Golden Eight”, you’ll understanding why collectors and interior designers alike have been following her work.

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibitions

  1. 2017 Exhibition Gallery Craft Centrale London, UK
  2. 2016 Exhibition Munich Airport (Terminal 2) Lufthansa Gallery, Munich, Germany
  3. 2016 Exhibition Sophisticated Gallery Munich, Germany

Group Exhibitions

  1. 2017 Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, „Blick Fang“ Year exhibition, Kaufbeuren, Germany
  2. 2016 Exhibition Achtzig Gallery Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

Art Fairs

  1. 2017 The Fair, Art Fair Malaga, Malaga, Spain
  2. 2017, Air Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan


  1. 2017 Internationale Kunst Heute (International Art Today), Germany


  1. Since 2016 Gallery Ina Dederer Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
  2. Since 2016 Gallery Ina Dederer Gallery, Monaco
  3. Since 2015 Sophisticated Gallery, Munich, Germany


  1. 1996-98 Advertising Fine Art School, Warsaw, Poland
  2. 1998-2001 Sociology & Market Research, University of Wroclaw, Poland
  3. 2000-2005 University of Applied Science: Communication-Design. Specialization: Free Painting by Prof. H. Hoier, Munich, Germany



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